Workplace Education

Workplace Education Courses
Sponsored by Labour & Advanced Education

The Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce will be offering a free Human Resource Essentials and Business Skills for Growth and Profitability course beginning in April.
These 40-hour courses will run 2 x a week for 6 weeks. There is a $75 dollar deposit refunded to participants with 80% attendance.

Human Resource Essentials

Learning Outcomes:

  • Building a staffing strategy
  • Job analysis, job specification, and job description
  • The hiring process
  • Performance management
  • Human resource best practices
  • Succession planning

Course Content will include:

  • Identify HR needs
  • Develop organizational chart
  • Create job analysis, description and specifications
  • Develop a recruitment strategy
  • Recruiting international and indigenous workers
  • Design job postings, interview and selection process
  • Design performance management system – goals, appraisals, disciple, termination, exit interviews
  • Create and design personnel files, employee policies, procedures, training practices
  • Create employee-friendly work cultures
  • Lead and manage meetings
  • Design a succession planning process – goals, the role of record keeping and key questions and decisions


Download the Human Resource Essentials registration form.


Business Skills for Growth and Profitability

Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategic positioning
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Pricing
  • Bidding and tendering
  • Planning your project for success
  • Building an empowering team
  • Strategic planning for growth

Course Content will include:

  • Define supply chain essentials
  • Define your strategic position
  • Complete SWOT analysis
  • Identify your guiding principles
  • Define your positioning statement
  • Cultivate a safety culture throughout your business
  • Define key elements of a marketing strategy
  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Define your product/service offerings
  • Develop & strengthen distribution channels
  • Assess your promotional strategy
  • Understand fundamental pricing terminology
  • Establish profitable pricing strategies
  • Assess your Cost of Goods Sold and profit margin
  • Identify strategies for successful bidding and tendering
  • Identify components required for writing a successful tender
  • Define the project planning cycle
  • Develop work breakdown schedule
  • Define the basics of team building
  • Characteristics of a high functioning team
  • Apply Maxwell’s laws of team leadership
  • Develop a two-year action plan for business growth
  • Assess priorities for business growth

Download the Business Skills for Growth and Profitability Registration Form



To register please contact Melissa Vickers at or by phone 902-564-6453.