What Your Business Can Do Now To Drive Sales This Holiday Season

What Your Business Can Do Now To Drive Sales This Holiday Season

The Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce holds a webinar to drive sales this holiday season.

The holiday season always calls for unique marketing and sales strategies. But in 2020, retailers need to get even more creative than in years past to draw people out and into their stores. The Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce recently held a webinar with local businesses and industry experts on what your business can do now to drive sales this Holiday Season.


10 Tips That Your Small Business Can Do To Boost Sales in 2020.

Extend Store Hours – Be flexible and consider adding additional operating hours to your business this holiday season whether in-person or virtual hours. Research tells us that 70% of retail shopping happens after 6 pm. Additional retail hours will accommodate the ‘9-5’ working population.

Get Social – Connect with your customers through social media. Ensuring you are online and active every single day is critical this holiday season. Showcase your products and sales through your social media channels and allow your followers to ask questions and share your offerings with their friends with a click of a button. You can also consider online selling through social media, Instagram is an especially great platform to support this approach.

Promote Your Safe Shopping Experience – Now that the second wave has arrived in our province, it is so important that your patrons know you are following the safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Ensure hand sanitizer is available when you enter your shop, a capacity limit in-store, masks are required and enough room for social distancing.

Get Festive – Create a holiday experience in your retail shop by dressing your windows, decorating your store and playing holiday music. All of these have a proven powerful psychological effect and can all have an impact as a motivator to increase sales.

Create Unique Offerings – Take some of the holiday stress off your consumers by offering gift wrapping, stocking stuffer shelves and generate customer gift lists under different price points to help your customer with gift ideas.

Offer Accessible Shopping – 28% of Canadians say the ability to buy online and pick up in-store or curb-side is more important this year than in the past due to COVID-19. Consider a daily shopping hour dedicated to consumers who are high risk to contract the virus.

Celebrate Your Employees – 35% of retail employees feel more stressed over the holiday season. Help employees alleviate their stress by offering work schedule flexibility, a gift to show your appreciation, volunteer at a charity together to boost morale and celebrate when they hit daily targets. This will support outstanding customer service amongst your employees which in turn will increase your sales.

Share Your Support For Community – In these trying times, being a business that gives back to the community is more important than ever. Consider highlighting your appreciation to local shoppers, encourage your employees to volunteer, collect perishable food items, donate $1 from every purchase to a charity as ways to give back this holiday season.

Have A Holiday Marketing Campaign – The final eight weeks of the year account for more than 50% of total annual sales in retail. The holiday season is the perfect time to launch a creative marketing campaign that can help to significantly boost sales. A few examples are to create a holiday-themed sale, offer shopping events, develop product gift guides or even create a sales advent calendar where you offer a different deal every day during the holiday season.

Create A Welcoming Environment – Keep your retail store free of clutter to make items easy to find and reduce the need for customers to touch other products. It is also helpful to ensure your staff is trained properly and they’re knowledgeable about products and sales. Consider offering a loyalty program for repeat customers and of course, don’t forget to smile!

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