Court & Crates: The Story of Crate Escape Doggy Daycare

Court & Crates: The Story of Crate Escape Doggy Daycare

The Crate Escape Doggy Daycare

Growing up in a small business family, Nicole Campbell always had the spark that ignited the entrepreneurial fire within her soul.

Surrounded by her pups, Lenny and Linda, Nicole lives a busy but fulfilling life as a successful Crown Attorney and the owner of The Crate Escape Doggy Daycare, a commercial doggy daycare facility offering daily play,  exercise, and socialization to pups of all ages and sizes.

“After having the benefit of using commercial doggy daycares in other parts of the province and throughout Canada, there was a clear need in Cape Breton,” shares Nicole. “The logo is my sweet puppy, Lenny, a Cavalier King Charles who really was my driving inspiration. His sibling, Linda, joined the family in the spring of 2019 and also looks just like the logo.”

She opened the Crate Escape in 2019 and has been uniting doggy friendships ever since.

Nicole grew up in Cape Breton listening to the ringing of the business phone line in her house. As she watched both of her parents run a small business, she grew excited about the possibility of someday creating a business and a space that was unique to Cape Breton. Little did she know that the one who would be most excited about her business was little Lenny.

Prior to moving back to Cape Breton, Nicole obtained her law degree in Birmingham, England. So what inspired her to become a full-time business owner while weighing the scales of justice in Port Hawkesbury?

“I grew up in a small business family, I remember as a kid eating popsicles in the truck while my dad priced driveways,” shares Nicole. “I always had that entrepreneurial sense to everything I did when I was in private practice, so I figured why not do both if I can.”

As a woman in business, she is an inspiration for all who aspire to thrive in their career while also waking up every day to the excitement of running their own successful business. It is a 24/7 job, but with organization, dedication, and a great team surrounding you, Nicole believes that anyone can make their small business dreams a reality.

One piece of advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs is to find your people. “Find your people who are your go-to for advice, who you can go to for stress release, and who are always going to be real with you.”

The Crate Escape currently employs an incredible team of young women and one day has the dream to the franchise. We believe in you and your team, Nicole! Anything is paws-ible so keep up the inspiring work.

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