Join the Chamber


Our Chamber: 

-Is a catalyst for business growth by listening to and advocating for our members’ needs

-Creates a stronger business community through collaboration, networking, advocacy and education

-Cultivates positivity by changing the conversations about business in the CBRM

-Challenges the status quo and encourages innovation amongst our membership



To empower private businesses to thrive in the CBRM. 



For every business within the CBRM to be a valued member of our Chamber and to work together to build a thriving, confident community where business needs to be. 



-We always act in the best interest of our members.

-We are unwavering in our commitment to supporting business growth.

-We embrace change and welcome proactive ideas that nurture our economic future.

-We demonstrate non-partisan, objective leadership.

-We know collaboration is integral to our future and create forums for our business community to connect.

At the Chamber, our mission is to empower businesses to thrive here in the CBRM. We do that by following our vision of aspiring to make every member proud of our business community and optimistic about our community’s future. We exist to support our members and to be unwavering in supporting business growth and prosperity through engaging in and influencing public policy, creating meaningful connections and partnerships, and nurturing ideas that can impact our community’s growth.


The Chamber works for its members. Our door is always open, and we encourage members to reach out to us, share their ideas, and keep us updated on the successes and challenges members are facing. We can also help members identify opportunities to become more involved with the Chamber and make the most of your membership.


With the support of our members, our Chamber will be a catalyst for business growth by listening to and advocating for our members’ needs. We aim to create a stronger business community through collaboration, networking, advocacy, and education. Together, we can cultivate positivity by changing the conversation about business in the CBRM; even if that means challenging the status quo and encourages innovation amongst our membership.


The Chamber staff is constantly searching for innovative ways to add value to your experience and help your business reach its full potential.


Reasons to Become a Member:


-Join the unified entity of an association that is identified as the voice of business in the CBRM. Support, and be apart of Private-Sector Leadership in our community, striving for genuine economic and social progress for CBRM.

-Save on expenses  through speciality programs like discounted merchant Credit and Debit Card rates, member-to-member Chamber discounts, a Group Health Insurance Plan designed for small business, and discounts on Chamber events

-Gain exposure by being featured in our member directory, on our Chamber website, and receive exclusive discounts on other advertising opportunities.

-Stay informed on, and participate in Chamber events throughout the year including the Cape Breton Business and Philanthropy Hall of Fame, Excellence in Business Awards, networking functions, educational luncheons, etc.

-Receive relevant info on programs and funds to support your business from agencies such as ACOA, NSBI, and others.

-Weigh in on important initiatives involving the chamber by supporting the work of Chamber staff and volunteers in organizing events, as well as special projects and lobbying efforts.